Winter/Spring 2020 Class Registration starts December 15th!!

Clarkstown Theatre Company

All the World's a Stage, let us teach you how to reach your Audience!

Private Coaching & Audition Preparation

How Do YOU prepare for an AUDITION??

The days of having a good voice and getting the Good Parts are OVER!!

Nowadays, kids need that extra bit of confidence and preparation to get the leads in school shows and community productions.  If your child is hoping to pursue theater in their college years, they will need specific study and preparation to even score the audition.  PreScreens are crazy difficult and technical nightmares that require a careful and exacting touch to get the RIGHT monologues and PERFECT pieces to "WOW" their screening professors.  Work with us One on One to prepare and define your audition so that YOUR CHILD is an AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL ARTIST!

Please call us at (845) 708-2288 to schedule your personal coaching session in 1/2 hour or hour sessions.  We can OPEN, RAISE UP and INSPIRE your ACTOR so that auditions are a BREEZE!!